All Knit and Tidy

Casting off is starting over.

We like things all knit and tidy. We like to get what we expected. So we start by following the pattern. Fresh yarn, clear instructions. After enough projects, there’s a lot of yarn left over. Whether basket, box or bag, it will contain a jumble, a tumble, sometimes a tangle of strands. We start to use whatever is on hand, whatever remains usable, just so we can keep going. Stitch-by-stitch unscrolls a something. We watch the burgeoning swath and wonder. What is becoming? When it’s time to bind off, we’ve made whatever we’ve made of it. There will be judgements. We’ll say “ugly blanket” and we’ll wish we’d made socks. Either way, there will be loose ends. I for one won’t weave them in. Everything is unfinished.


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