Bracken's Brown. Start Again.

Humbled. Ambling. Grateful. Groping.

Bracken’s brown again. The Season of Perpetual Penumbra is here. Clouds filter sunshine to the point of constant dusk. Shadowcasting is off the solar “to-do” list. The next time I see my 2D silhouetted self, it’ll be an event.

Penumbra literally means “almost shadow” in Latin. So I could say, I’m doing penokay (not to be confused with Pinocchio). My pandemic version of okay. Beginning a humbled, ambling, grateful and groping progress….

The virus derailed my train of thought. Yet I’ve been seeking the tracks, yearning for ties and their creosote scent, for the way I can freely roar in the grinding boom of passing locomotives.

I miss Lick the Bracken. I miss you. Time to re-connect, eh? Click on the heart so I know you’re still out there?

Remember Plot A of my retreat last winter? The book I was translating? Well, the release date is set! Given all that’s happened since this project began, I’m gobsmacked to have accomplished this. Just finishing it was like sucking on a gigantic jawbreaker while trying to eat spitz.

On February 5th, The Fifth will be born. It’s available for pre-order now, actually. Go to this link and click at bottom left.

I’ll be at PolyCon Canada November 23rd, sharing The Fifth for the very first time, along with tastings from What the Mouth Wants and snippets of The New Sacred, my essay in Love Me True. I’ll be taking your questions afterward.

Updates on Plot B (and C and D and…) forthcoming, pandemic permitting.

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